In the rise and the set of the sun,
’Til the stars go spinning,
Spinning ‘round the night
Oh, it is what it is, and forever
Each moment a memory in flight
— Neil Peart

Trevor J Chapman Photography

Trevor Chapman is a landscape and nature photographer located in Southern Ontario. Based out of his hometown of Hamilton, Trevor travels throughout Southern Ontario, Muskoka, and the Bruce Peninsula, capturing the stunning landscapes this region has to offer.   


A Kind of Dream highlighted in the Gallery article of the 100th edition of Photography Week.

Blue Sunrise and New London Lighthouse receive honourable mention in PEI Tourism 2013 Photo Challenge.

Featured in Henry's Photography's "The Best of Photo Monday"

Top 9 in Photography Week Magazine's Mono Photo Challenge. 

10 Photo's featured in Henry's Photography's Weekly Blog. 


 Canon EOS 5D MarkII
 Canon EOS Rebel T3
 Bronica SQ-A Medium Format Film

 Canon EF 17-40mm f4.0L
 Canon EF 70-200mm f4.0L
 Canon EF 50 f1.8
 Rokinon 14mm f2.8