A fall morning at Grindstone Creek

Blended exposures

The fall colours are quickly disappearing so I decided to take advantage of the last bits of colour and headed out for an early morning shoot.  Grindstone Creek and Great Falls, which are located in Smokey Hollow, were in full force this morning since we had almost a week of straight rain.  It was a chilly morning and the water was very cold...especially when you get water in your boots!  It was nice to see the salmon swimming upstream but they were not very active so I was not able to get one jumping up the rapids.

One of the new techniques I tried today was exposure blending. I found a nice rock in the creek with two colorful tall trees near by.  It was getting a little late in the morning and the sun was getting a little high making the sky very bright.  I don't have any GND filters yet so I had to be creative and shoot the scene twice, exposing once for the sky and once for the creek.  It was even too bright for the creek to capture the motion of the water so I adding my 9 stop ND filter which gave me a 4 min exposure. 


To blend the exposures, I processed the RAW images in Lightroom then pulled them into Photoshop to do the blending.  I am really happy with the way it turned out but I need to work on my focusing; it is one of my biggest challenges.

Fall Foliage Bokeh

I read a great e-book on the Art of Bokeh by Christopher O'Donnell so I thought i would see what I could capture.  I saw this rock with a small plant growing on it so I set up my tripod and switched to my 50mm prime.  My 50mm is the fastest lens I have that would give me the smallest depth of field and hopefully some nice bokeh.  Not to bad for my first attempt but I have some work to do master this technique.

Hopefully the colours stick around for another weekend otherwise I need to start thinking about what to shoot in the winter months.